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Digital Twin Extended Reality for Energy

Reimagine Your Assets

Enhance visualisation, communication and collaboration to reduce costs by saving time.

The Future Is Here Today

Digital twins are rapidly emerging as one of the most valuable tools linked to the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

While digital twins started life as relatively simple virtual replicas of processes, tools, and technologies in the industrial world, they’ve grown increasingly more advanced, sophisticated and thus more impactful, in recent years. As Extended Reality (XR) and artificial intelligence continue to evolve, digital twins have become a core part of the industrial technology stack.

Give context to your asset data – legacy, near-time, and even live data feeds next to the visuals you need to make quick, informed decisions with confidence.

Digital Twin – XR Energy

The ultimate digital twin for the energy sector means a living, virtual replica of physical assets and systems that are used in the exploration, production, and processing of oil and gas. Incorporate visual and non-visual data from your current software, archives, sensors, analytics, and simulations to replicate the behavior of your physical assets in the virtual world. Monitor, analyse, and optimise performance enabling more efficient planning, operations and maintenance leading to reduced downtime. But just as important – keep remote teams across the globe on the same page with dramatically improved collaboration and communication.

TWOMC Digital, with its leading technical ecosystem partners, has developed DT – XR Energy to combine the latest technologies for streaming 3D and holographic visualisation in a way that keeps versions updated in near-real time so strategic decision makers and tactical teams in the field or in the office without having to change your current software tools or internal processes.

Scale up your best people with remote, real-time monitoring and simulation capabilities, allowing them to identify and resolve potential issues before they occur, reduce downtime, and optimize processes.

Why 3D Holographics?

3D holographic visualisation has the potential to revolutionise the way we see, experience and communicate information across all industries.
The Energy industry and upstream subsurface models in particular have a unique challenge: they require both massive scale and granular detail which means terabytes of data and processing power to visualise on a single screen.

With virtually no upper limit in scale and rendering, DT – XR Energy meets these challenges – today.


DT – XR Energy will work with any enterprise stack, either on-premise or in the cloud. However, as an NVIDIA Inception partner, TWOMC Digital can work closely with the NVIDIA Enterprise team to scope your project’s requirements to the latest hardware stack for optimised digital twins.

With NVIDIA’s OVX pods powered by the latest Ada Lovelace GPUs, your DT – XR Energy solution will allow your global team to interrogate and collaborate with your digital twins no matter where they are in the world with total confidence.

And with an air-gapped version of Omniverse Nucleus, your private digital twin cloud is one of the most secure in the world.

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